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Four million people every year are filing legal cases in court themselves because they cannot afford an attorney.

In the United States we have the greatest legal system and attorneys in the world but if you cannot afford to take part in our legal system, many of us are left out.

Our courts have done their best to assist the self-represented but unfortunately it is just not enough to handle the huge demand.

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Representing Yourself

There are several reasons why people represent themselves without a lawyer

In criminal cases, if you cannot afford a lawyer, the court will appoint a lawyer for you, like a public defender. But in civil cases, you do not have the right to a court-appointed lawyer so, if you cannot afford your own lawyer, you have to represent yourself.

  • Some people choose to represent themselves even if they could pay a lawyer because they feel they can handle the case on their own.
  • In small claims cases, you are not allowed to have a lawyer, so everyone in small claims court is representing himself or herself.

Whatever the reason, you have the right to represent yourself, to be your own lawyer in all cases in California. It is very important that you learn about what is at stake in your case, and what you will be expected to do and know in order to handle it on your own.

This is where we can help. Legal Documents in 5 Easy Steps will show you the way in just…… 5 Easy Steps!

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5 Easy Steps

This book was created just for you.
When you cannot afford an attorney.

You will find the step by step instructions in these booklets that will help.

Take some of the fear away when it comes to you or a family member that may have to file a legal document within our court system.

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